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Pavement Ants

Pavement Ant. Photo from the University of Maryland.

Pavement Ant. Photo from the University of Maryland.

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UW-Extension Cooperative Extension

Size: About 1/8-inch long. Color: Brown. Pavement ants are regular pests of buildings throughout the U.S.

This ant’s name is derived from its preference for nesting in soil next to and beneath slabs, sidewalks, patios, and driveways. Colonies are usually easy to find due to the piles of displaced soil next to and on top of pavement. Indoors, pavement ants nest under the foundation and within hollow block foundation walls. Occasionally, a colony may carry soil up into a wall to form a nest. When piles of soil appear from under baseboards or on top of a basement or garage floor, it is a good sign that pavement ants may be present. These ants can be occasionally be seen foraging out of floor ducts, where they are nesting under the slab and coming up between the duct and the slab.


Colonies living outdoors can be located and treated directly with a residual insecticide such as Tempo, Termidor SC or Suspend. Pay particular attention to cracks in the driveways or expansion joints. Also along the sides of driveways, sidewalks or slabs.

Individual pavement colonies can often be controlled simply by using ant baits such as Advance Carpenter Ant Bait Granual, Advance 375A, or Maxforce Complete.  Bait acceptance from these ants is usually pretty good.

Ant Cafe’s can also be used to hold and protect your bait on the inside.

Non-repellent insecticides such as Phantom, Alpine Foam, or Termidor Foam will also work well inside. These powerful non-repellent ingredients will allow pests to forage right over it and then spread it to other insects hidden behind walls or in their home colony, killing every other pest they come in contact with. These products are virtually odorless, clear in color and provides superior pest control with a long-lasting residual.

Ant Baits

-These different baits are labeled for most all common household ants.

Insect Bait Stations for Ants

Insecticide Concentrates for Ants

– These concentrates are mixed with water and used in a compressed hand held sprayer to make your application.

Aerosols & Ready to Use Products for Ants

These “ready to use” products are convenient and great for a contact kill and great for flushing out insects. Most offer great residual properties as well.

Dusts for Ants

Dusts are usually used to treat into cracks and crevices (such as in the crack between the wall baseboard and floor), in wall voids, cavities, attics or crawl spaces. Be sure that there is proper ventilation in the room and that you don’t over dust or dust in areas accessible by people.

Insecticide Granules for Ants

These “ready to use” granular crystals are convenient and great for a contact kill and have a great residual properties for the exterior. They fall down into and under landscape material such as turf, rock or mulch to target problem ants.