Earwig2Earwigs may cause alarm to homeowners when discovered indoors. They have a frightful appearance, move rapidly around baseboards at the ground level, and may emit a foul-smelling, yellowish-brown liquid from their scent glands. These creatures, active at night while hiding during the daytime, normally live outdoors and do not establish themselves indoors. They are harmless to humans and animals, although if handled carelessly, the earwig can give a slight pinch with the forceps. Serious feeding damage may occur on flowers, vegetables, fruits and other plants, giving the leaves a ragged appearance with the numerous, small, irregular holes. Also, decomposing organic matter is consumed. They are considered temporary pests in spite of the fact that they sometimes occur in large populations.

Size: About one inch long. Color: Dark brown.  This insect can be recognized by the forceps-like cerci extending from the rear of its abdomen. On males, the forceps can be quite large and ornate.

These insects live together often in large numbers in tree holes, in landscape mulch, under landscape timbers, and under objects lying on the ground. They will also harbor in the exterior cracks of buildings from which they may wander inside.  Earwigs are omnivores that will catch and eat other insects. Long-term relief from these insects is achieved by finding and treating the harborages outside from which the home will be invaded.  On the interior, treating cracks and crevices, especially at ground level, may provide relief.

Insecticide Concentrates

– These concentrates are mixed with water and used in a compressed hand held sprayer to make your application.

Aerosols & Ready to Use Products

These “ready to use” products are convenient and great for a contact kill and great for flushing out insects. Most offer great residual properties as well.


Dusts are usually used to treat into cracks and crevices (such as in the crack between the wall baseboard and floor), in wall voids, cavities, attics or crawl spaces. Be sure that there is proper ventilation in the room and that you don’t over dust or dust in areas accessible by people.

Insecticide Granules

These “ready to use” granular crystals are convenient and great for a contact kill and have a great residual properties for the exterior. They fall down into and under landscape material such as turf, rock or mulch to target problem pests.

For additional control, incorporate the use of glue board traps for the capture and elimination of occasional invaders.Trapper Max Glue Boards are sold in packages of 72. Set them out in dark areas where insects might be hiding or foraging. Maintaining sticky traps behind furniture, to either side of exterior doors, and in the garage is an excellent way to intercept insects as they enter.