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The Brown Marmorated Stink Bug lives outdoors, but they may occasionally enter homes because of their large numbers. In terms of structural pest control, they are relatively harmless, as they don’t bite or sting. They are ugly, smell, and can be a nuisance because of their large populations.Stink Bugs are generally dark mottled brown in color. They are 1/2 inch long. When disturbed they can produce a foul odor. They are the typical “shield” shape of other stink bugs, almost as wide as they are long. To distinguish them from other stink bugs, look for lighter bands on the antennae and darker bands on the membranous, overlapping part at the rear of the front pair of wings. Adults begin to search for overwintering sites starting in September through the first half of October.


Mechanical exclusion is the best method to keep stink bugs from entering homes and buildings.Exterior applications of an appropriately labeled insecticides may offer some minor relief from infestations where the task of completely sealing the exterior is difficult or impossible.




Onslaught Insecticide
One of the few residual products labeled for stink bugs is Onslaught. Treat around the house and one foot up the foundation wall. You should also spray all the potential entry points into the house such as windows, doors, vents, fireplaces, plumbing, etc. Spraying the harborage areas such as under mulch, black plastic, holes or cracks in cinder block walls, retainer walls or hollow trees will also help.


Insecticide Concentrates for Stink Bugs



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Temprid FX


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Tips for Control

Seal and caulk cracks around windows, doors, siding, utility pipes, behind chimneys and underneath the wood fascia and other openings.

Keep outdoor lighting to a minimum as stink bugs are attracted to lights.
Repair or replace damaged window screens. If stink bugs have already found an entryway use a vacuum cleaner to eliminate live and dead bugs. However, empty the vacuum cleaner or dispose of the bag immediately to prevent odor from permeating the area. Seal contents from the vacuum in a plastic bag and dispose of it with your normal garbage. Note: Other insecticides may kill stink bugs, but not all of them are actually labeled to do such. Please read and follow label directions carefully.


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