Fire Ants

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Size: There are many sizes of workers in the colony, ranging from 1/8-inch to almost 3/8-inch in length.  Color: Reddish brown.

It is easily distinguished from other ants if one is unlucky enough to be stung.

Habitat and Behavior

Imported Red Fire ants pose a health risk to anyone venturing into areas where the ants are found. Although the vast majority of stings result only in a raised welt that may develop a white pustule, a person allergic to insect stings could experience a more serious reaction. Additionally, a person seldom receives just one sting.  Rather, dozens or even hundreds of stings can be inflicted quickly on a person accidentally kneeling or standing next to or on a fire ant mound.

The red imported fire ant was brought into this country during the 1920s and has spread to cover most of the Gulf Coast states and most of eastern Texas.  It is now established north into parts of Tennessee and North Carolina.

These ants nest in the soil and construct large mounds that are easily seen in lawns and pastures. A single lawn may contain a dozen or more mounds. This ant will also locate nests within landscape mulch and beneath items on the ground, such as landscape timbers. Fire ants may construct mounds next to the foundation and enter homes through weep holes or other exterior cracks and holes. Once inside, workers forage in trails beneath the edge of carpeting. On occasion, the ants will bring soil up into walls or beneath first floor bathrooms and construct a nest.


Approaches to controlling Imported Red Fire Ants include trenching the mound directly with an insecticide such as Tempo, CyKick, or Suspend.

Or, make a mound or broadcast bait treatment using  Advance Carpenter Ant Bait, or Maxforce Fire Ant Bait or Maxforce Complete.  Perimeter treatments around the structure should be conducted on a regular basis to keep fire ants from invading the structure.

Fire Ants taking Advance


Mound drenching involves flooding the mound with a large volume of water based insecticide. More that one gallon is needed for most mounds and larger mounds may require more than one gallon. Tempo, CyKick, or Suspend are labeled for the Imported Red Fire Ant.


Granular insecticides, with their unique sand core granular structure, provides a 2 to 4 month residual, supplying effective, long-term protection. It penetrates mulch and grass, with no watering needed.There’s no odor when you use granulars, and its low application rates make it cost effective as well.


Insecticide Concentrates for Ants

These concentrates are mixed with water and used in a compressed hand held sprayer to make your application.