Bait Insecticides

These bait insecticides are ready to use products that are most commonly used with hand-held dusters, the containers themselves,  to make your application.  We carry some of the more popular products commonly used in the professional pest control market.

Roach Baits

Ant Baits

Ant baits take advantage of the practice of social food sharing common among ants. Ants recruit other colony members to help collect food and carry it back to the nest and then distribute it throughout the colony. Today’s baits are designed to be palatable, attractive for acceptance, and are available in several formulations including granules, liquids, and gels.

Ant Bait Kits

Not sure which ant you are dealing with? Check out one of our Ant Bait Kits. These kits are constructed to fit all the dietary needs required by most all household invading ants. Use them indoors or out.

Fly Baits