Size: Harvester ants range from 3/8-inch to 1/2-inch in length.  Color: The color varies from red to reddish brown to black, depending on the species.  These are probably the ants that your dad would try and burn by pouring  gas down the hole and lighting on fire.  We of course don’t recommend this, as it is cruel, dangerous, and hard on the environment.  There is a much easier way! Read on.

Habitat and Behavior

Harvester ants are farmers in the sense that they gather seeds as their primary food source. They generally clear large circular areas completely free of any vegetation around the nest entrance hole.  These ants aggressively defend their nests and will bite vigorously; some species will sting.

Harvester Ant Mound



Management of Harvester Ants is very easily accomplished with the use of Maxforce Fire Ant Bait or  Advance Carpenter Ant Bait. These ants will take it like candy and be gone in less than 48 hours.

Mound drenching can also be done with Harvester Ants.  This involves flooding the mound with a large volume of water based insecticide. More that one gallon is needed for most mounds and larger mounds may require more than one gallon. Tempo, CyKick, or Suspend will work well.  Be careful, these guys bite AND sting.

General tips for limiting ant infestations include:

Eliminating bird seed and grains around the property.


Insecticide Concentrates for Ants

– These concentrates are mixed with water and used in a compressed hand held sprayer to make your application.

Spray Concentrates

Fendona CS


Spray Concentrates

Temprid FX


Spray Concentrates

Transport Mikron Insecticide


Spray Concentrates

FUSE Termiticide Insecticide


Spray Concentrates

Tandem Insecticide


Spray Concentrates

Mavrik Perimeter


Spray Concentrates

Cy-Kick CS


Spray Concentrates

Optigard Flex


Spray Concentrates

Demand CS 8 Oz.


Spray Concentrates

Suspend SC


Spray Concentrates

Talstar Pro


Spray Concentrates



Spray Concentrates

Termidor SC


Insecticide Granules for Ants

These “ready to use” granular crystals are convenient and great for a contact kill and have a great residual properties for the exterior. They fall down into and under landscape material such as turf, rock or mulch to target problem ants.

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Insecticide Granules

Bifenthrin Granules


Insecticide Granules

DeltaGard G Insecticide


Insecticide Granules

Demand G Insecticide Granules


Insecticide Granules

Talstar PL Granules