Rodent Control Safety Tips

  • Always keep bait/bait stations in areas that are not accessible to children, pets, or other non-target wildlife.
  • Be sure that bait is secured in a tamper resistant bait station such as the Protecta LP or Protecta Mouse
  • Be sure that rodent bait stations are properly secured
  • Never corner a rat- In an attempt to escape, it can run up your leg and bite you in the face or elsewhere. They are very fast and run upward without hesitation.
  • Wear kneepads, work gloves and a hard hat in crawl spaces- Glass, nails, and sharp objects are all to common. Also, where a respirator in dusty areas.
  • Glueboards in public- Don’t use glueboards in areas where the public can see them. A lot of people will get offended by mice who “suffer” on the boards.
  • Rat snap traps can be dangerous- Know where you placed them, and keep them away from pets and children. Be careful where you place glueboards- Glueboards can damage fur coats, or snag a child or pet.

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