Clothes Moths

Clothes Moth

Clothes moth Tineola biselliella adult moth on fabricThe most common clothes moth that people encounter is the Webbing Clothes Moth. This moth is about 3/8-inch long, and has a cream color, with a tuft of red hair on the top of the head. The larvae are white. Larvae will be found on fabrics among thin sheets of webbing that they spin to shield themselves. They often leave strands of silk on fabrics they infest.


Clothes moth trapsFivepackAfter vacuuming cracks and crevices in closets and other rooms infested, a Clothes Moth Pheromone Trap(s) can be placed in areas that contain items the larvae feed on, such as wool, hair, feathers, or fur. In small areas, we recommend just one trap.

These traps can be placed into drawers, under or behind couches and cabinets or behind doors or on shelves in the darkened areas that these moths prefer. The lower profile also provides less risk of getting clothes stuck in the glue and it is more versatile.

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