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Size: Varies between species, but most measure about 2 inches fully grown. Color: Can vary widely between yellow, blue, reddish brown, and black.

Scorpions are predators that feed primarily on insects. They crawl into buildings through exterior cracks in search of food or suitable shelter. Once inside, they may wander into clothing, shoes, or a bed where someone might contact them resulting in a scorpion sting. Stepping barefoot on a scorpion is another common way to be stung.

Scorpions are found throughout the southern United States from coast to coast. Only one species of scorpion found in the United States could be considered extremely dangerous (the Bark Scorpion), and it is found in Arizona, southern California, New Mexico and Texas. Still, only small children and the elderly are at risk of a fatal sting from this species. Any scorpion sting, however, can be serious to anyone that is allergic to insect stings. A physician should attend to all stings.


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Treat with a residual insecticide such as Fendona CSTalstar, Demand, Tempo, or Suspend, around the foundation of the structure, window frames, door frames, soffit areas, vent openings, exhaust areas, garages, basements, mounted lights, air conditioning areas, cable entry points, deck areas, stoop and patio areas. Bifenthrin Granules may also provide relief in landscape areas. 

On the interior, a placement of Glue Boards may help capture any scorpions that my have entered. Maintaining sticky traps behind furniture, to either side of exterior doors, and in the garage is an excellent way to intercept most scorpions as they enter.

Treat cracks, crevices, and voids with a dust such as Drione, or Delta Dust.

Insecticide Concentrates

– These concentrates are mixed with water and used in a compressed hand held sprayer to make your application.

Aerosols & Ready to Use Products

These “ready to use” products are convenient and great for a contact kill and great for flushing out insects. Most offer great residual properties as well.


Dusts are usually used to treat into cracks and crevices (such as in the crack between the wall baseboard and floor), in wall voids, cavities, attics or crawl spaces. Be sure that there is proper ventilation in the room and that you don’t over dust or dust in areas accessible by people.

Insecticide Granules

These “ready to use” granular crystals are convenient and great for a contact kill and have a great residual properties for the exterior. They fall down into and under landscape material such as turf, rock or mulch to target problem pests.


For additional control, incorporate the use of glue board traps for the capture and elimination of centipedes. Trapper Max Glue Boards are sold in packages of 72. Set them out in dark areas where centipedes might be hiding or foraging. Maintaining sticky traps behind furniture, to either side of exterior doors, and in the garage is an excellent way to intercept most centipedes as they enter.

Tips for Control –

To reduce scorpions around a home, eliminate as many piles of items or debris on the ground and keep dense vegetation to a minimum. All scorpions glow green under black light, so a portable black light can be used outside at night to find where scorpions are harboring.