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NUVAN PROSTRIPS utilize controlled release technology to slowly diffuse a deep penetrating vapor in enclosed spaces for up to 4 months.

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Nuvan Prostrips use controlled release technology to slowly diffuse a deep penetrating vapor in enclosed spaces. Containing dichlorvos (DDVP), Nuvan Prostrips go to work immediately with a clean, odorless vapor that leaves no messy residue.

For Control of Bedbugs and Bedbug Eggs

NUVAN PROSTRIP may be used to control crawling bedbug nymphs and adults exposed to product vapors for 48 hours. In difficult to treat areas, a minimum treatment time of 72 hours will provide better results.

NUVAN PROSTRIP may be used to control bed bugs that have entered various items in an infested structure including, but not limited to: electronics, appliances,footwear, art work, collectibles, plush toys, clocks, radios, wall hangings, telephones, computers, printers, mattresses, box springs, books, lamps, furniture and other such items. Place infested items in a suitable plastic bag, poly sheeting, container or room that is closed to contain the NUVAN PROSTRIP treatment. Plastic bags or poly sheeting should be at least 2 mils thick. The closed volume for treatment should not exceed the volume to be treated for the size of the NUVAN PROSTRIP used. Take care to avoid direct contact of the NUVAN PROSTRIP with the surface of items being treated. Seal items in the containment for a minimum of 48 hours to kill bedbug nymphs and adults. To kill any bedbug eggs, if suspected to be present, seal items in the treated space for seven days. Seal plastic bags and poly sheeting with as much air space around the treated article as is
practical as this will enhance the exposure to the product vapors. Proper seal can be attained by any appropriate manner such as the use of tape,
twist ties or other means. Professionals should test for adequate seal by testing for the escape of air from the sealed bag. Identify sealed treatment by a label indicating a pesticide treatment is in process that should not be disturbed by unauthorized persons. When treatment is completed, remove treated items from the treatment in a well ventilated area and aired out for a period of not less than two hours.

For Cloths Moths:

Use in closets, wardrobes and cupboards for up to four (4) months and leaves no smell (odor). Remove strip from sealed bag and hang or stand on wardrobe or closet rail, ensuring that strip does not contact clothes or fabrics and that air can circulate around the strip. Use one 16 g strip to treat 100 to 200 cu. ft. for up to four (4) months. If more than one is required, distribute them within the space equally. Keep the space closed.

Each pack of Nuvan Prostrips comes with 12 x 16 gram strips. Each strip treats about 100 to 200 cubic feet of space for 4 months. Only use one strip per 100-200 cubic foot of enclosed area.


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4.00 out of 5

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    Love this product because it was easy to use and it helped to rid us of our bedbug problem!

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