D-Force Insecticide


D-Force has the power of Deltamethrin in an aerosol formulation that controls over 50 Species of insects and arthropods!

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DForce Insecticide

For effective control of bed bugs, spiders and over 40 other pests, turn to the crack and crevice residual solution of D-Force® insecticide. With a residual proven to last up to 8 weeks, D-Force achieves control of a broad spectrum of pests, including  bed bugs, fleas, carpet beetles and termites.

Approved for use in food areas, D-Force is highly effective at very low (0.06%) application rates on cockroaches, ants, spiders and other crawling insects.   D-Force can be applied in restaurants, meat packing and food processing plants, granaries hospitals, supermarkets, hotels and transportation equipment.

D-Force  is available in a 14 oz aerosol can.

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